Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am desperate for a haircut. I recently had a whole three hours to myself (in fact, the first large space of time with NOTHING to do since the baby was born) and I ran to the store and randomly dyed my hair red. It was out of a box so I only got a red tint to my already very dark hair but I'm thinking about hitting up the salon and dying it bright red. I need a change. When I was young I would bleach and dye my hair on a whim all the time. It's been every color in the rainbow except for completely blond. Blue, pink, purple, you name it, I did it.I never thought anything of it. Now I'm a wimp. I worry too much about it not coming out right. I need to be more hair adventurous. The lovely Chelsea is coming up from Florida in a coupl weeks an she is going to save me from my boring hair.
I keep coming back to the bright red and I'm thinking of going for it....
Here's my hair inspiration!










Also, I wanna take a quick sec to apologize for the blog lacking a bit. Ive got a few posts I have been working on but my camera is having issues. Once I get it worked out i'll be posting much more


  1. I absolutely LOVE the red hair idea. I think it's gorgeous and striking and I think you would look lovely with bright red. I have been wanting to do something to my hair lately too so I just cut bangs haha. I am excited to see what you decide on. :D

  2. i LOVE the red in the first pic! i've never ever ever dyed my hair, scared i'll never get back to my original color. if i wasnt such a wuss i'd go for that red too!

  3. I love this. Mostly because I wrote a very similar post a bit ago. I believe that it's a new mama's duty to question her hair while being a total wuss about it.

    I too used to do the most insane things to my coif without ever blinking an eye, now I'm terrified. Anyhow, I wrote this big ol' post about it, and guess what? I totally whimped out. I got in that chair and was all, "sure, cut it." But then I was all, "wait. Do you think you have something fun you could do and still keep it long?" Smart girl was all, "yep." Like she would have chopped the hair of someone so wishy washy. That's like hair stylist malpractice.

    Anyway, thought you'd like to know that you're in good company!