Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby DJ

Lately Hendrix has become obsessed with his Daddy's turntables. OBSESSED. He understands how to take a record and put it on and start it up. This is something that my husband didn't push onto him, it's just turned out to be something he is really interested in. In general, musical toys seem to be his go to. Other loves include a mini drum set and his tambourine. After seeing his Uncle Mark play the harmonica, Henry will pick up anything from a remote control to a crayon and pretend he is playing the harmonica as well. This got my thinking. How much of our kids interests are nurture vs. nature. I think inherently everyone has passions that are within him. How much of that is just plain DNA?

Obviously, I know that at 14 months my son is not destined to be a DJ just because he has taken a liking to his dad's turntables. At the same time, what are the chances that his favorite things in the house all happen to be musical?

I don't have a heck of a lot of aspirations for my son. I want him to be decent, kind, humble, loving, ect. ect. but as far as his actual profession? I could care less as long as it makes him happy.

For those of you with older kids, do you see them picking up on your passions? Do you think its because you passed it along to them through nurture or nature? What about those of you with littles who are the polar opposite than you, how do you connect with their hobbies?


  1. We've gottah get these kids together, my 2 1/2 yr old daughter also plays with our records and turntables. I had been searching for a vintage kids one, but she likes daddy's fancy ones side by side.
    She plays the Cramps, the kinks, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Black Mountain all the time. mixes and mashes them, it's pretty awesome.
    Is this from both parents working in the music industry? most likely :)

  2. My husband is a music producer and my son has certainly picked up the musical gene much to the delight of my husband.

  3. i believe it's a mixture of both. you might be surprised ... i bet your baby continues on with his interest in music and the turntables, etc. my husband skateboards, has always skateboarded but never pushed it onto our son. however, the influence was around him and he picked up on it very quickly. he has been attached to his skateboard since a year old and is now 5 ... still in love with it. still wanting to be a 'famous skateboarder' when he grows up ... i think if your kids have access to music and art and things of such, the likelihood that they will be interested in it greatly increases. although, i'm an artist and when he was small we would paint and do crafty stuff ... now he's not interested in it. i have to respect that. they are their own people ...

  4. Go DJ Hendrix! Too cute.

    Our 2-year-old also adores musical instruments and music in general. He especially loves playing with Daddy's guitar. And lately he asks for "more?" when we get home and I turn off the car stereo. I agree that it's a mix of nature and nurture.