Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Findings: 01/07/11 Edition


It's my Step Son's Bday weekend so I thought it fitting to post one of my fav pictures of him. He is five here at one of our secret spots.

Check out these amazing fashion and art comparisons. THEY really blew my mind.

I really want to own THIS plush faux rabbit taxidermy. I kind of want to try and make one myself.

Buy me THIS ring, please!

RUE Magazine is my new favorite source of inspiration.

I'm in love with The Boo and the Boy's blog for kid's room inspiration. They posted THIS house by Sixx Design (whose show I am in love with)

Dr. Dog's SHADOW PEOPLE is my new fav song.

I am going to find the 150$ to buy this coat for Hendrix. AMAZING.


  1. your friday findings are my favorite! that coat is insane! and i hope you guys have a great birthday weekend!

  2. Wow that coat is amazing!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to follow :) Your little boy is too cute, it makes me look forward to having my son!

  3. Dr. Dog is the shit! I was so obsessed with "The Old Days" . And that coat! Get it! Get it NOW!