Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kid's Decor

At out last loft we made C's room the absolute best in the house. It was colorful and warm and more importantly it has his personality in every corner. I never fully photographed it but here are a few pic from a Christmas a while back when we bought him his own computer and desk and wrapped it up. You can get a pretty good idea of what it looked like. Our issue now at our new loft is that he has really grown out of his bedroom. He turns 9 this week and it just feels too "babyish".

Note the custom made Thomas the Tank Engine bedding made my husband.
 It's hard to see but we had a little dresser with bright blue number drawer pulls...adorable!

We also did a lot of custom artwork actually made by my step son. All of it is way to "young" for him now.

Truthfully, I have NO money to put into our house right now but this weekend we are going to hit up some indoor flea markets and  thrift stores to look for storage ideas. I have been compiling picture after picture on my desktop of rooms that inspire me. How did you make the change from baby to "big kid" room without losing the whimsy and fun?

Our other issue is the play room. Right now? It sucks.


No rug or chairs or storage what so ever. It's just a few bins full of stuff and toys all over the floor. It's been made a top priority. It's hard to tell in these pictures but the main wall is curved. It's the shape of a wave and at no point does it flatten out so I could hang pictures. The other wall in the playroom is tin so all the prints and art work I have for the room couldn't go there either. I'm not sure how to make it work, other than hitting up Ikea and doing the generic bookcase thing.

I like a home to feel just like that, a home. I am well aware that there is no way to make everything happen over night. A home is made over time and not by one trip to the store. I'm looking forward to treasure hunting but at the same time I am anxious for the end result.

If any of you see some great playroom storage ideas or older kid/teen bedrooms please feel free to share them with me! 

Wanna see some of inspiration. Check out my Pinterest board for Kiddo Decor HERE!


  1. Check this site out:

    I couldn't find a playroom category on this site but maybe you could get some good ideas from some nurserys -

    Hope that helps! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. omg. that's your playroom?! wyatt would freaking DIE and go to heaven. way way way better than our play corner in our 950 sq. ft. apt.

  3. one of my favorite bloggers:
    she has SOOO many diy awesome ideas ... and she has 2 kids so if you sift through her site you may find some inspiration.

    we are in the same situation. we never have money and so i'm always left to my own devices. one thing that may help with your picture hanging debacle (due to wall) is something i did in jules room. i hung rainbow dyed yarn along the wall in a swoop sort-of pattern and then hung julien's artwork and class work along it with clothespins. you could decorate the clothespins or leave them plain. it looks cool too.

  4. ack. I got nothin'. Craigslist (here in western MA) seems to have a lot of Pottery Barn kids rugs for sale?

  5. My son brings home a lot of artwork from daycare and my fridge was getting overloaded. I bought some clothespins, painted them, and hung them on rope across the wall in his room, I really like how it looks, and it's super easy to put up new artwork. That might work on your curved wall.

  6. haha ... wow. amanda and i are on the exact same wavelength!

  7. We just "kidded" up my son's room this summer. He is really into sports so I painted 3 walls sky blue and one wall a "grass stain" green (love this green!) so it looked like a sports field. We also purchased some Fatheads of his favorite sports teams and printed out a lot of pictures of him playing sports. We framed his pictures in real cheap frames and put them beside the cooresponding Fatheads.
    He loves it!

  8. you can have some of the stuff from here! girl there is way too much here..ya know what i'll put some aside for you and send you some more artwork of his you can hang. also i was gonna say craigslist or xmas tree shop..also there is a great lil store streamline antiques in dorchester a lot of retro themed kids stuff and a lot of vintage you wld like..also tj max in south bay shopping plaza in south boston - a lot of great stuff!

  9. holy freaking cute room!!! i cant wait to see what you come up with for the play room! i did a post about corbins room recently and there is a picture of the storage he has from target! i think the bins and bookshelf all together cost about eighty bucks! i just really like the bright colors and fun characters!

  10. wow thanks for all the advice guys! I love the idea of hanging art on string. it will work perfectly!!

  11. cute room, yeah im waiting for the come up of your play room.. keep up the good work..

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