Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year,

All of these pics are from NYE over the last 6 years or so... Enjoy.

This year was one of the most challenging of my life. I had to learn a lot.  This year uprooted my family and tossed and shoved us around. It stuck us in a tangled mess we had to seek our way out of.

2010 was a bummer, dudes.

Yet, somehow, it was one of the best of my life. My little family brought hope and comfort and joy where it looked as if there was only sorrow and stress.What kind of life is one spent entirely in your comfort zone? What kind of life would it be if everyday was spent on easy street? Life requires challenges for growth and true gratitude. and I am just that, grateful. For the truly good things in my life. The ones that tend to get lost in everyday life. The ones we forget about even though they are staring us right in our face.

Throwed with Jen. 

Such a small word for something so big. I learned that ill never be alone again. Ill never walk in this life without a hand to hold.


I am vowing here and now that 2011 will be fantastic.


Resolution 1. Write.
I have decided to dive back into writing. Hendrix will spend a few hours a week in some sort of child care situation (something I am still working out) and I have my hands in some very exciting projects.  I need this. I loved spending all my time with Hendrix but as a woman, I need to have something else. Something that is mine. Something that makes me feel accomplished.



This is the night I fell in love with Jody. Mostly because she got the party started by doing cartwheels and flying leaps across the dance floor.

Resolution 2. Decorate
I have a beautiful new loft and I can not wait to make it a home. My surroundings greatly inspire me and I want a space that feels cozy and embodies us as a family. I have been scouring craigslist everyday for treasures and hidden gems. I want to document the transformation and share it with all of you.

Resolution 3. Fashion.
It may sound silly but I really do love fashion. I always have. Every since I was little. I have lost some of that since becoming a mother. I want to get it back. I want to take the time to enjoy my vintage goodies and wear things I truly love. I have always been an...exuberant (good work?) dresser, wearing things that most people wouldn't. No more boring jeans and tees. It's just not me. Self expression is just another form of creativity. Part of me has struggled with the fact that I simply can not be a part of the status quo. I have a hard time being happy with shopping at Old Navy or LL Bean. Remember, THIS? When I wanted to find a way to fit in. No. No more. I will embrace my old self. My true self. Because being a good mother is not blending in with the crowd, its shining on your own. Try as I might I just am NOT that lady. No judgment for those who are, I just can not pretend to be something I am not.  My mother always wore vintage and we would scour thrift stores as a child and I didn't appreciate it then. Looking  back she was about a million times more glamorous than the other Mamas on the playground and she always stood firm in her individuality.
I am going to document this as well. I want to share my outfits and my fancy finds from my thrifting excursions.

NYE with Danielle. Wore the BEST dress from Patricia Field.

Resolution 4. Open my vintage shop, Runaway Vintage.
It's a lifelong dream. It goes along with #3. It's in the works and I CAN NOT wait to launch. I have so many beautiful pieces for Mamas, Papas, and the wee ones. (If you have a little better get psyched 'cause some of my finds are to diiiiieeee for)

Liberty Hotel with Jen.


Resolution 5.
To be present in the moment. To just LIVE in in. Enjoy life. Suck it up. Never take it for granted. Kiss my baby on the lips. Hold my husband's hand and stroll down the street. Jump on the bed with my step son. Sew with my mother. Cook with my father. Sing with my brother. Love. LOVE. Looove.

Happy New Years everyone.

I can't wait to hear all of your resolutions. To be inspired by your goals and hopefully, your results.

***Almost all of our NYE were spent where Michael was DJ'ing. This year I am staying in. He will be at the Liberty Hotel. Which sold out weeks ago. Should be a good time. Everyone have fun without me!***

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