Sunday, April 10, 2011

Helping out....

I have been asked to help decorate a family friend's tween daughter's bedroom. I am beyond excited about this. I have been obsessing and collecting ideas and inspiration. I don't get to do a lot of "girlie" decorating so this is a fun opportunity for me.

I wanted to go for a pastel color palette with a vintage, shabby chic feel to the room. However, she quickly expressed that she wanted very little pink, a lot of bright colors, and preferably peace signs. She already has an adorable canopy bed and dresser. She requested a bright colored moon chair, a dressing table with a mirror to hold all her baubles and hair clippys, and some fun wall art.

I found this cute comforter set from Seventeen bedding from and I'm using it as the basis for the whole room. They had about 100 different options on the Become website which is a site that helps you compare prices from other sites. It made it easier to find a good deal since we are on a tight shopping budget. and we went back and forth but I think this was the best. The color palette is exactly what she wanted but it is still plain enough for her to keep it as she gets older. I can't believe Seventeen Magazine has all this amazing room stuff for girls. I was OBSESSED with Seventeen when I was younger and would have been so psyched on all their stuff.

All I need now is something to hang on her walls. I was thinking of trying to take on a DIY project for this. Any ideas? Maybe a giant peace sign of some sort? I found giant letter from the craft store that I was thinking about spelling out her name with. I welcome all suggestions!

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  1. How fun! A wall decal might be fun and fairly easy. They have some great options on etsy. For example: