Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nursery Tour and Cafe Press Giveaway

I am so excited to finally be posting Hendrix's nursery/our bedroom. Our home has three bedrooms but we currently have the third bedroom as our closet (and of course the second bed is for C) so we have been sharing. This works for us because while Henry starts his nights in his crib we co-sleep for the remainder of the night when he wakes for a feeding around midnight. We really like co-cleeping and love sharing a space with Hendrix. He has a play room and I have a large studio/office so I dont feel like there is a lack of our own space in our home.


Hendrix's bedding is from Ikea, the red/blue knit blanket was found in a thrift store and his white blanket was made my great-aunt. I made the blue pillow and all the stuffed animals were gifted.

The seal lamp is from Urban Outfitters and is one of the more expensive piece in the room. i bought it on sale for 20 bucks. I made the piece of art (if you can call it that) using dollar bin magnetic letters and a cheapo canvas from the craft store. I think it cost a whopping 6 bucks to make.

I am pretty frugal and the dresser and red rocker were both 5 dollars each at yard sales and our afghan was a dollar! The prints above Henry's bed were only 2 dollars each!

We collected art for the picture wall for months. We found a really cute vintage Little Golden Book at a thrift store but it was badly water damaged so I salvaged what I could and put those pages into dollar store frames. We hung up family photo booth pictures, a painting made by Michael for me for our 1st wedding anniversary, a Coral and Tusk embroidered print, a little picture made by C of his two teeny finger prints from years ago, and my favorite, the Vintage Dino Print from Cafe Press. The beautiful robot pillow on our red rocker is from Cafe Press as well.

The cute little frog rug was a gift from close family friends and Henry just loves it. It is so soft. our crib was also gifted to us. It was purchased from target and turns into both a toddler bed and a full size.

The amazing print above our bed is a photo Michael took of Chicago O'Hara airport which we had put on a canvas by East Canvas Prints.

So now, let's get to the good stuff! I'm excited to announce that Cafe Press has generously offered two, yes! TWO, of my fabulous readers a chance to win a print or a pillow from Cafe Press.To clarify, one winner will get a print and the other will get a pillow of their choice. For those of you who don't know, Cafe Press has about a million different home goods and tee shirts. They make great gits and will customize a piece for you. I LOVE THEM. All you have to do is leave a comment here and check out Cafe Press's WEBSITE. i would love to hear what your favorite part of Henry's room is. Even your least favorite. I'd love to hear what you all think!
The contest will close on Friday at 6 PM and I will announce the winner on Monday morning.

I mean, does it get any cuter?

Good Luck!!


  1. The seal lamp us just adorable!

  2. I think Hendrixs/your room looks great. I love everything, I cant pick just one thing that I like better because I like everything you did. I also like the Cafe Press website and I like the prices on the website too.

  3. I think EVERYTHING is absolutely lovely!! Love the wall with all the framed art and just...yeah, I love all of it. Kudos to you for getting creative and being frugal. I think it's the best combo!

  4. Sometimes I get bummed that I miss out on the cute nursery stuff because Aurora and I co-sleep and probably will until at least toddler bed time(We want the sheep bed from IKEA... ok, ok *I* want it) and even then we will probably share a room for a few years but this gives me some good ideas about how to give her a separate space within our room! Thanks!! (Also... that robot pillow makes me wish I had a boy)

  5. Great giveaway! :)

    I was astounded that you paid so little for that dresser, I just love it. The room looks so expensive so I'm impressed to hear the cheap price tag. Great job!! <3

  6. Everything has come together beautifully. I love that dinosaur print and the genius idea of framing pages from ruined storybooks. Family date soon?

  7. I love the room! What a great job you did! And the being frugal is my fave part, it's so much fun to get a good deal and still be so hip and fashionable! I think I love the red rocker the most.

  8. As scared as I am at the possibility of having a boy (I know, I know...) you make it seem way effing cool. Everything in this room is delightful. Good job, mama!!!

  9. Damn mama! You got some smokin' deals! I love finding good deals on great stuff. I love everything! It's all so cute. I love the wall of art and the seal lamp and the canvas you made with the magnetic letters. Great idea. I just saw you on the Mothers Meeting too! Super cute!

  10. i definitely love cafe press as well! i dont know if i'd prefer a print or a pillow! :] and his/your room is super cute!i love the shelf with books and stuffed animals on top - i definitely need to find one for livs room.

  11. oooh, i love his room! With the brick wall, you don't need to add a whole lot. I love that it's thrifty, but personal. it's perfect!

    and what a great giveaway!


  12. I LOVE this!!!!! has it been featured on ohdeedoh? i also adore the edward sharpe lyrics art!<3

  13. I love the whole decor, but my FAV part are the awesome prints above Hendrix's crib. Where'd you get them?

    PS - As a PVD resident, have you heard of Rag & Bone Bindery? They are an AWESOME artisanal book bindery located in Pawtucket and they do AWESOME work. We are still working on a wedding album from our wedding 3 years ago, and when I finish it it will be inside one of their amazing albums (ie, when we are both working again and can pay $60 for a photo album!). I made a mini-wedding album from my wedding for my parents using their raspberry cover small picture album (not the photo binders, but the actual paper albums that you glue/adhere photos to...looks more professional).

    In any case, I think you'd dig their stuff, it's a local company started by local artists, they have a great website, and you should feature them on here if you dig 'em! :-)

    -Kristina (krshepherd on twitter)

    PS - their website is ragandbonebindery.com

  14. love that last photo. it looks sophisticated and child friendly simultaneously. (and the Home lyrics are great)

  15. beautiful space! those walls are amazing ( i love brick) and i love your style of art. job well done!