Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Findings: 5/20/11 Edition

WORD! Found on Pinterest.

Amazing post about a Prom King and Queen who just HAPPEN to have Down Syndrome.

Im a little obsessed with vintage PYREX 


This is a bit embarrassing but I have to admit, this SONG always makes me cry.

Still kinda HARD to believe I ever had to write this. and those pictures. Heartbreaking.

THESE are great suggestions.

LOVE this room.


  1. I also love vintage pyrex, I have those little rectangle containers with the glass lids, and if I could squeeze just one more set of mixing bowls into my cabinets it would be these:
    in pink.

  2. Agreed. That Kate Bush song ALWAYS makes me tear up. It also gives me that knot in my stomach you get when something reminds of you SO much of your childhood. Growing up my Mother LOVED Kate Bush and had her on blast 24/7. I have actual video footage of me dancing to and acting out "Army Dreamers" in her living room. Another one of my favs is Cloudbusting. OH OH and Babooshka and Running Up That Hill (FYI Placebo does a pretty sweet cover of that one) My Mother also has every music video of hers... they are insanely awesome... way better than the crap they make now!!