Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 18 Months Hendrix (a bit late)

My son is 18 months old. I have been slacking on writing this post. I have been slacking on writing any posts about him lately. For two very good reasons. 1. It takes a lot of energy. Emotionally, that is. To sit down and try to put how I really feel about my kid into words is exhausting. In a good way but still it is tiring. Sometimes I'm just not up for it. and 2. I like keeping him to myself lately. Kind of silly of a mommy blogger to say, I know, but its true. He's my own little secret and I don't always want to share him.

I really love where we are with Henry right now. He is this bubbly force of nature. His personality is exploding. I find myself calling him a "firecracker" using words like mischievous and and phrases like "what a riot" to describe him. He has boundless energy yet most of the time he is perfectly content to sit at the window and watch cars go by. He can say a slew of words like "push" and "cookie".
By far the best is hearing him call me "Mama". he doesn't do it often but he seems to have  knack for finding the perfect moments to say it. Just when I really need or am least expecting it out it comes quick and sharp.

He makes up his own games, loves my jewelry, has a fondness for flushing the toilet, and can do an excellent elephant impersonation. He is obsessed with keys, ritz crackers, and our cat. He hates his car seat, dislikes any kind of drink other than water or breast milk, and screams when I go near the computer. unless its to put on youtube videos of small yorkies playing in a ball pit (our secret for writing a quick email).

Overall he is



All pics were taken by BD. You can see more pics of Henry taken by him HERE.

I just can't get enough of this kid.