Friday, June 24, 2011

For two or five years.


Summer is here and we spent this evening going through all of my step son's work that he brought home. We were totally and completely blown away by some of my SS's poetry. The kid is talented! I mean, I already knew he was beyond brilliant, his math and science skills are off the charts but on top of it he is an amazing writer? The kid's good at everything. My husband found a line from one poem he loved so much he is getting it tattooed on him.  I'm saving our favorite pieces just for us (sorry guys, some stuff is sacred) but I found this one writing assignment I HAD to share. C was asked to write about what he would do if he were a Prince and Michael and I were laughing so hard there were tears and some rolling around on the ground (me mostly, but whatevs it was funny). The following is his reply, word for word.

Prince Christian

I would buy a disguise so I could get out of the house without security.
I would buy two lab puppies.
I would help the homeless.
I would buy a bounce house after being prince for two or five years.
I would help people with medical conditions like cancer and disabilities.
I would become an artist and grow a mustache.

because every artist needs a mustache?

Also, this haiku is pretty awesome


I very much like cheese.
It sometimes makes my belly ache.
I still love my cheese.


One more Haiku...


Cake, Sprinkles, Frosting.
Slicing, Dicing, and cutting.
Cake, cake, cake, cake, food.


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  1. LOVE THE HAIKU! Hahah, what an awesome kid you have there. =)

  2. This is so funny. Haha, kids say the funniest things. It is also very sweet.

    I am your latest follower from top baby blogs.


  3. Ha! Kids are the best. Truly. So silly and creative.