Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend To Do List

Goodness. Look at this kid. THIS KID. No more baby. Well, very little. Time is so rough on a mother isn't it? We never have enough of it and it slips by so quickly like water through our fingertips.

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately. Not WRITING writing. The kind where I don't have an assignment or an agenda or a deadline. I have so little time lately. It feels like I can't catch up or give one single thing the attention it deserves.

Especially Hendrix. I'm making a conscience effort to pick days where I turn off. No Internet and just my boy. My house is in a constant state of mess and I really couldn't care less. I'd rather roll around on the ground with Hendrix laughing hysterically than do dishes while he whines at me feet. I know this stage will pass. The stage where I can't get anything done. Eventually it will roll into a stage where he runs to his room, slams the door, turns the music up. No longer will he want my undivided attention. I have to remind myself daily to put down the sponge and pick up the babe.

I have a crazy weekend. I piled way too much on top of an already giant mountain. I refuse to let my looming to do list foil my plans for good family time.

My to do list:
Movie night with the fam.
Make s'mores with my step son.
Family game of hide and seek.
TWO WORDS...Pokemon Monopoly!
Bubbles with the baby.
Take Henry on a bike ride around the neighborhood.
All the other crap.

Love these lil feet.

Good plan, no?


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  1. i love those little feet too :]
    i have a hard time with the whole 'putting down the sponge, picking up the baby thing'. i think its partly because i live with other people and i cant just leave a mess. and partly because if im around dirt or clutter i tend to feel cluttered and anxious. but i hate liv screaming at my feet while im doing something. i need to find a balance. let me know if you figure it out :]

  2. So precious. Funny how when I look at pix of him, he still has such that adorable baby in his face. I remember looking at Jules when he was 3 and thinking he looked so old. Now when I look back at that time, he looks so tiny! Time passing is such a strange, incredible thing. I love how you are cherishing your moments. xo

  3. I really like this post. I need as much support as I can get to stop obsessing on housework and pay attention to my babies (and children), because it's fraught with guilt.

  4. ps where did you get those awesome pjs?

  5. Yes. to this. I love your blog so much, and i really cannot thank you enough for your real and frank posts about this kind of thing. I have become (even more) scattered in the brain following motherhood, and i constantly feel like one area of my life falls apart if i get just one area under control. work is great, less time with baby , relationship shakey. Baby-mom area beautiful, work a mess. Le sigh.
    i'll get it one day.

  6. It is so hard not to obsess over housework and other "important things". I just know, that it's like you said...time passes way to fast. I need to try to remember to slow down and enjoy these years with my little one.

  7. I absolutely love this post! My son is 21 months and I have these exact days. Actually blogged about almost the exact same thing, not missing the tiny treasures when my son served as a ring barrier. Check it out

  8. I absolutely love this post! I blogged about almost the exact same idea, not missing the tiny moments when my son served as ring barrier a few weekends ago. Ever so often the time seems to slip by and we miss the little ones being little. Check me out,

  9. Thank freaking goodness I'm not the only one! I struggle with this every. single day. And I dread that day he runs to his room without me (or runs anywhere for that matter, he's not even crawling yet). Awesome post!