Thursday, June 30, 2011


The last week or so Hendrix has been exploding with personality. His play has taken on all these new dimensions. I am so proud. I feel like I have become really redundant on this blog. You hear the words lucky, thankful, and proud so often. I make no excuses. Get a thesaurus, you probably think. I can't help but repeat myself. This life, this parenting life, it conjures those emotions on a daily basis.

I promise this isn't another love story. I have written enough of those on here, no? I did want to share Henry's newest milestone. I'm not sure its listed on the piece of paper you get from the pediatrician but I sure think it should be.

He has become a little daddy to his animals. He has started showing this need to nurture and care for others in his personality.

I didn't push this. A while back I did buy him a boy doll but he ignored it and I'm pretty sure it's smashed at the bottom of the toy box along with a half eaten cheezit, old socks, and random utensils he has stolen from the kitchen. I was hoping that he would learn how to be empathetic and loving towards others. Bond with the plastic little baby doll and maybe even deem it worthy of being his "lovey". He wasn't into it so to the bottom of the toy box it went and on he went to smashing things, blowing bubbles, and harassing the cat. Until now, that is. He has taken to a large green frog who he diapers, dresses, feeds, and puts to bed. Really, it is the cutest. The absolute cutest. I am (uh oh here is that word again) proud to see my son be so loving at such an early age. Especially being that this game just started on its on. I didn't hand him a diaper, he randomly went and got on to put on. Same goes for the puppy PJ pants the frog wears on a regular basis.

Kindness is something we are taught. Empathy and sensitivity are a gift that our parents bestowed. I am excited to be his teacher.  Sometimes I forget how heavy this whole parenting thing is. That's a definite good thing since I would probably go insane with the pressure. I mean, we have to teach another human how to LOVE. How to be a good parent. How to CARE. How do you even do that? Lead by example I suppose. It's nice to be reminded that I am doing something right.

and I must be doing something right, cause this boy? Man, he slays me.

 Pics taken by MICHAEL

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  1. that is awesome and so sweet! now if only my little terror started learning some compassion... :)

  2. Your son is absolutely gorgeous. As is your writing...