Friday, July 29, 2011

I love our crib!

Our new set up!

I am super proud and excited to announce that Hendrix is now in a big boy bed! whoooo.
Except, um, not really and he was never really "in" a crib since we mostly co sleep.

Let em explain, Hendrix started out from day one in an arms reach co sleeper. he quickly outgrew it and ended up in our bed. I had made a big stink abut not wanting Hendrix to be in our bed because I feared that once he was in we would never get him out. However, exhaustion set in and Hendrix would start out the beginning of every night in his crib (which was right next to us anyways) and then end up in our bed usually by midnight.

This is how it has been for the last year or so.

Until he began getting angry about not having enough room and he would firmly plant his feet into our backs around 1 AM each night and then push as hard as he could. It has gotten to the point where someone has to sleep on the couch. We quickly realized we needed to come up with an effective way to co sleep without losing our sanity.

We have a great crib. It is a 4 in 1 much like the Da Vinci Cribs found on Baby Crib Station (our exact model is no longer available). I highly recommend investing in one of these. They start as a crib and can convert into a toddler bed, day bed, or twin bed. While I was pregnant and spending an obscene amount of time reading reviews and researching baby gear I found that this was our best bet. I didn't want to have to worry about buying more furniture in another year or so and found that buying a 4 in 1 was an investment.

Anyways, my point being we switched it up to a toddler bed, pushed it up against our bed, and voila! Instant giant co sleeper. We are three nights in. First night was a total success! Henry slept all the way through the night. The second night was okay. He woke, scooted over to me, played with my hair a bit and then scooted back to his bed. At that point I thought I had it made....skip to the third night in which Henry barely slept. Although he kept saying "UUUH DAAA' which means "love you" and kissing me so I guess I cant complain about the multiple wake ups and nursing sessions. I think this is going to work for us and I'm excited to start getting some much needed sleep.


  1. oh good! i want to take our convertible bed down to a toddler bed right now. i think wyatt is ready! but, he does end up in our bed around 2 am every night too. i'm thinking that he could just get up and come into our room (our rooms are right next to each other). he naps often times in our bed and doesn't fall out, and just gets up when he's done sleeping... so i'm thinking he's getting ready. i'm so happy that you guys found a good compromise. now, whenever your'e ready, you can just kinda move the bed slowly away from your bed until he's totally independent! awesome!

  2. This is great. I need to do something like this. My little one (now 18 months) is taking over our queen sized bed, but I can't get her to sleep anywhere else! Thanks for the idea :)

  3. Hope it works! That would be the most comforting thing ever, sleeping right next to your parents but in your own space. It definitely takes some patient parents to go through with this, Henry is super lucky. You guys rule!

  4. this is exactly what we do. it works wonders for us.. i hope it continues to do the same for you. love all the new post.

  5. Your idea is great! This way you have both- your child next to you and plenty of space at your own bed.
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