Friday, July 29, 2011


I never put up videos of Hendrix. I feel like it might be over sharing a bit. I don't know why, I guess I'm just overprotective. Anyways, here is a lil snippet of Henry saying "Mama".

For those of you who know me personally, you already know that I was a bit obsessed with hearing that word. Hendrix could say a good amount of words including "Dada" and "Brobro" (brother), as well as every animal noise EVER before he could say Mama. Then as a cruel joke he decided to start calling me "Mother" which came out like MAAAHDDDEEEERRRRRR. I pretty much gave up until one day outta the blue he just started saying MAMA.
and then I died from happiness.
So here it is.
My baby saying Mama. Calling me Mama.

When Henry was just shy of a year we were playing in the living room and I picked up his toy phone and answered it.
Hello! who is this? Oh, this is Hendrix's Mommy!
and I stopped dead in fake phone answering tracks.
Hendrix's Mommy.
I really hadn't taken a step back from mothering that small baby to contemplate the fact that someday I would introduce myself as just that. Maybe to little friends on the playground or another Mama from his preschool?
It hit me hard and I teared up and I couldn't stop smiling and I kept answering that fake phone over and over saying with a dumb grin on my face
Hi...This is Hendrix's Mommy...

It's a funny thing having a kid. You just kind of roll along a lot of the time. It's impossible to really comprehend what it means to be a parent on a daily basis cause I mean, your heart would pretty much explode. It's so huge. Then all of a sudden your laying down in bed with your kid one night and you think he's almost...soooo close to be asleep and you are preparing for the untangle his hands from your hair, roll over without him feeling, and tip toe out the door without making a sound dance you play every night when he startles awake, props himself up, leans over and places a perfect lil kiss on your lips and sighs Maaamaaaa. Down his head goes and he's asleep.


Screw you single people and your I get to sleep in and do whatever I want BS. (just kidding, i love you)

I have that word. Its all mine.

As time goes on I know the newness will fade away and I may even get sick of hearing it but right now I am lapping up every drippity drop of that sweet voice calling for me. No matter how I feel about the sound I'll always come when he calls. I'll always be just a step behind, waiting in the wings.
I'll never be far away.

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  1. oh my word this is the freakin sweetest post ever, EVER! its so true how we could never grasp how powerful being a parent is. man, it makes my heart hurt (in a good way) just thinking about it. also? i thought i was totally head over heels in love with hendrix before but after seeing this video...o! m! g! his sweet little voice is just way too precious for me to even handle!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such a cute video I miss him (and you guys too I guess) :) -C (p.s. voted)

  3. Ah, so sweet! It's fun to hear both of your voices, too.

    And I so can relate. I love hearing Q call me mama (although lately he seems to prefer yelling "MOM!" about 5 million times when he wakes up in the mornings).

    P.S. I've been voting!

  4. Oh, you KNOW Sierra made me watch the 'enry video 30 times

    Not that I minded ;)