Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Hendrix

Dear Hendrix,
Today we went to the park. Our morning was dragging a bit. As we sat on the ground in the playroom I said "Would you like to go to the playground?" and you jump up so very fast and shook your head YES with vigor. We threw on sandals, grabbed a backpack, and I smoothed sunscreen on your face. Careful to hit every little spot, all of those delicious curves, the tip of your ear and the curve of your knuckles, and each and every toe.

I carried you there. It is a short walk. You had on your little red glasses and your hair was pushed back by the breeze. We walked silently with your fingers in my hair and your eyes opened wide.

You never wear sunglasses. I bought you a few pairs but you've had no interest until today. They stayed on the whole way, as we passed the police officer and construction workers. You waved and pointed, hidden behind the dark shades.

When we got to the park you went under the slide and stomped you feet. I couldn't see your baby blues, all that was there was myself reflected back. Is that how you see me? Wispy bangs hanging around my eyes and sunshine on my cheeks? You made me put them on and I wondered if you were watching yourself in my eyes. We sat there under the slide, all alone, in early morning light, just reflections of ourselves in each other.

I kissed your elbows today. I don't know if I have ever kissed them before.

I love you,

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  1. This is such a cute idea / way to document your day! Would you hate me if I started a "Dear Sierra" on THD? :) -C

  2. He is ridiculously adorable. Long haired boys are the bestest :)

  3. So sweet, Adriana and Hendrix. I love you guys!