Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter

(C playing in the snow while we search for the perfect tree)

Two years ago when we lived at our loft (more on that later) we decided that we should take advantage of our 25 ft ceiling and get a huge xmas tree. The only problem was finding one. We literally drove to four different places before finding one at a "cut your own down" tree farm.

(I'm psyched!)

I remember thinking that the tree didnt look that big.

(Michael dragging the tree to the truck)

and then we got home and it took ten grown men to get it into house.

(Our tree in the dining room)


and then we finally got it up and it was so huge that the tippity top was scrunched up against the ceiling and we had to cute it off.

After about 20 hours of work, an industrial sized ladder, a last minute run to Target to buy an extra 200 (yes 200!) ornaments and 8 extra boxes of lights the end result In fact it ended up looking kinda ugly. Did I mention we left the stupid thing up till February, had to cut it into pieces to get it down, then throw it out the window to get it downstairs, and then...THEN! I used our brand new, never before used, vacuum to suck up all the leftover pine needles just to have it break from the sheer weight and volume of the task.

Moral of this story...size really doesn't matter.


  1. Thats pretty funny. Love that it's bent over at the top. Show us your tree from this year!!

  2. my tree from this year was kinda sad and pathetic. actually no it was nice but nothing compared to the last few years. i usually go all out with the whole real garland up the stairs, tons of wreaths, lights all over the house. this year not so much. i did decorate C's bed with tons of paper snowflakes so he could feel like he was in a 'winter wonderland" so it wasn't a total fail.