Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

And so here we are. Another year gone and another just begun. Our youth fades, our wisdom grows, time moves and moves and doesn’t stop.

And every year we make new years resolutions and break them before our hangover has subsided.

And this year?My new years resolution? To actually keep one for starters.

But this whole new years thing got me thinking. Past years hopes and dreams have been selfishly motivated and futile.

I want a tighter ass! A cleaner house! I’ll take better care of myself..get a manicure every Friday! I’ll own a quilted Chanel! Leopard Louboutins! I’ll organize my kitchen cabinets! No more dishes in the sink! I'll have a clean kitchen! A clean life! A clean slate! I’ll take up sewing! Ill reinvent! Turn it around! Make it beautiful! Make it Brilliant!

This year is different. This year I feel accomplished. Its December 31 (as I’m writing this) and I feel like I did right by this year. It had its ups and downs but I birthed a human being. I grew him from a teeny tiny cluster of cells. He was conceived on a Sunday morning, in early sunlight, out of love. I was married and while the statement “perfect timing” is a ridiculous cluster of words that have no business being together, I was ready. I was so ready for this baby boy.

So my first new years resolution?

To enjoy motherhood. To take it easy. Slow down. Soak up every second.

My other?

To enjoy my marriage. To take it easy. Slow down. Soak up every second.

I want to eat, sleep, and breathe my family. It is after all my greatest asset. The one thing that makes it all worth it.

Falling into parenthood with my husband hasn’t been easy. I'm overly nervous. I challenge everything. I'm a stickler for the rules. After your baby almost dies in front of you it’s hard not to obsess over his health, his breathing, his well being.

Michael is so calm. He has done this before.

So I vow this year to relax. To learn from Michael. To learn to go with the flow, stop swimming against the current.

This year I don't need a clean slate. I do, however, still need a clean kitchen.

Somethings never change.


  1. I wish you the happiest new year and all the ones that follow too! You have a beautiful family, you should soak it up and enjoy to the fullest. Make amazing memories and love, love, love it up. XOOXO

  2. one of my favorite posts you have written! happy new year and yes, let's enjoy our babies and our man and take it slow because this is worth soaking in. cheers!