Monday, March 29, 2010

Boston on a Budget. Part 1 of 2.

The recession seems to have effected all aspects of our budget. Coupons are cut, debt is raked up and savings has disappeared. I have been determined to not allow it to bleed into our family social life. Weekends...especially in the insanely overpriced Boston..can cost a small fortune.
I decided I wanted to do up the weekend big on a next to nothing budget. Over the course of two weekends I gave myself the budget of 20 and 30 dollars. Check out how I did..

Weekend 1: The Boston Children's Museum.

The Boston Children's Museum
is huge. Almost impossible to cover all of it in one day. My biggest recommendation if you'll be visiting is to go during the week. We no longer are afforded this luxury because Cis in school so Saturday was the day and it was PACKED. The location is beautiful and even with the rainy weather we got to take in the sites. BCM has been totally renovated in the last few years. Not only have they gone "green" but they have added so many new aspects to their three floors of fun including a new and improved bubble room, a light up, interactive dance floor, and a literal version of musical chairs.

Taking in the view...

Deep in thought...

Most local libraries in the area carry Museum passes that offer a discounted rate as long as you plan ahead. We got our passes about two weeks in advance and it cost us only 2 bucks a person and the Little Bean was free because he was under the age of 1. That's 6 buckaroos people! We also paid for parking since it was pouring rain and walking far was NOT an option. That luxury cost us 10 dollars.

Inside, we got to partake in a drum circle which Hendrix loved. C got into the fun as well and was playing the bongos.

Beat that Beat kid!

Baby Bongo Hands...

The water room has been completely redone from its old nautical theme to a "Peep and The Big Wide World" theme. I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetics but the water is there for splashing so we didn't hear any complaints from the C Monster.

We spent some time in the Baby Play area.

and in the "Kid Power" Science area.

We did up a delicious picnic lunch of Turkey sandwiches with chili Dijon mustard for the adults and tuna fish for the munchkin, watermelon, crackers, milk, and apple juice. We got a cup of coffee to go which brought our total to 20 bucks!
C mentioned half a dozen times how much fun he had had on the way home.



  1. i wish i lived around there so i could get in on this!

  2. Way to go! Kid approval and you stayed on budget... what a great museum!! You are some cool parents!

  3. I love this. keep it coming.

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