Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Brain


Hi...I used to be cute.

I'm not sure when it happened but I have become THAT mom. The one without anything to talk about except her kid. The one who is all baby and nothing but.
I'm sending out my SOS, people.
This weekend I did all of the following:

1. Had a babysitter and yet nowhere to go.
2. Made a reference to my fav pair of heels and called them "impractical"
3. Discussed an amazing chair that ive been eyeing for years and actually declared in public that if I did buy it it would be for the babes nursery and I would have to pass it down to other babes cause I would feel guilty spending that much on myself
4. Stopped myself from putting on perfume because I was nervous it would make the babe sneeze.
5. Went to put on my trademark liquid liner only to realize its missing and I haven't applied it since before the munchkin was born anyways. So I'm using the word 'trademark" loosely.

I no longer recognize myself. Operation De-MOMITIZE Adriana (well only de-momitize a bit) is in full effect!

Suggestions? Advice?

I'm losing myself here and I need to wade myself outta this mama mud I'm stuck in.

Obviously step 1 is to get out a bit without my kiddo but he is insanely clingy lately and I miss him when I'm gone so easier said than done.

Step 2 is to get my beauty and fashion shiz together. I have no excuses for not putting a lil time and effort into myself (hello unibrow...wax much?) . It's just that personal hygiene has become such a pain in the ass lately. Big ups to the Hubby for lying through his teeth and telling me I look stunning everyday.

Am I the only one out there that has gotten so lazy?


  1. Pssht, we all get a little over-mommed sometimes. I have days where it's so hard to just disconnect from Jack that it becomes frustrating. BUT, if you can, having someone babysit (be it the husband, grandparents, etc) Hendrix while you go out with a childless friend perhaps (or even equally overworked momma's, so long as you all make a pact to NOT discuss babies or shots of tequila will=punishment). Its so hard to leave them with someone at first, but it so good for both parties. It teaches them to be a bit more independent, they can connect more to grandma and grandpa or dad a bit more and you get a much needed breather. I'd recommend making the first couple outings babysteps. Like going out with a friend or your husband to a nearby cafe or something, so you know Hendrix is within a short driving distance if you need to pick him up. Once he gets more confident with a babysitter, you can venture out farther or later.

    As for the beauty department, sometimes the only way I get a shower is if I throw Jack in there with me and a ton of bath toys. After that, I give him non-hazardous toys that mom uses (clean makeup sponges, hair clips, etc) to play with next to me as I do my hair or throw on a quick coat of foundation.

    You still look great, so you don't have much to worry about in that department. Hope you get some non-mom time soon!

  2. i feeeeel your pain!!!
    why does it feel like such a chore to look decent?!?!
    i need help too.
    my daughter goes and goes and goes and gooooes, and i feel like i have ZERO time to take care of myself. then when she IS gone all i want to do is be lazy. grrrr... i haven't worn heels in 2 years and 9 months. I have gone out dancing 1 time and it just felt wierd. i have been on a mission to find myself for oh about a year and a half. buuut, yeah. arrrgggh.
    i will watch to see if others have any good advice because i have none.

  3. i'm going through this currently too. i'm typing this in green sweat pants mind you. it's like, i don't even care anymore. i should care though. i put make up on yesterday for the first time in like forever and all i kept thinking about was how much time it took. that's so pathetic.

  4. That has been the one advantage of me going back to work. I have to get ready every day and look nice. Of course, I am even more burned out and stressed by the end of the day, but at least I can put on an appearance and fool others into thinking I got it all together!

    I don't think there is ONE mom who doesn't go through this. We will make it, baby steps!! Try to add one new,small thing to your routine each week that makes you feel like you again.

  5. Before having babies, I rocked the bouffant, I wore red lipstick at all hours, and I wouldn't be seen in a pair of pants- only pencil skirts and vintage dresses.

    Fast forward to my 3rd pregnancy: I haven't used a curling iron or hair straightener in months, I MAYBE wear mascara once every two months, and I've traded in my retro threads for yoga pants.

    I personally found that it was easier to slowly re invent myself, rather than salvage the old me. I've found a new balance. Little things that are my new normal, like wearing a bandana not because its cute, but because it covers up the hair that I haven't brushed in 4 days. Pampering myself is flossing my teeth, haha.

    You'll find your groove :) It might be different than before, but you'll get there.

  6. 4. Stopped myself from putting on perfume because I was nervous it would make the babe sneeze.

    I hardly EVER wear perfume anymore because i dont want it to overwhelm my baby-and I HATE when i smell perfume on my baby from other people who are wearing it. I've become super weird about silly things too. But it's normal.

    I would start out by picking a day of the week-like saturday or sunday and having those be your "cute" days where you dont wear sweats and you put make up on (even if you dont go out of the house) just to feel cute.

    I went through a period of depression after the baby was born (he's a year now) and i hardly ever put myself together, I felt like i was just doomed to be this frumpy house wife/human spit up rag and after a while, you start to feel really unattractive. But I started running, feeling better mentally and emotionally, lost a little weight, and wanted to start wearing clothes that make me feel sexy again-and pretty. I never wore lip stick before conrad and now im always wearing it. It gives me color!

    Take baby steps. It's all a process of finding the ballence between being a mom, and being you-the new you.

    AND, You're stunning btw. <3

  7. aww thank you all for your compliments. I love the idea of reinventing as apposed to trying to be who I was before! I need to think more in terms of moving forward instead of focusing on what was.

  8. I was going to leave a comment then I read "Christopher and Tia's". I totally agree with reinventing yourself. Once you become a Mother you aren't the same person you were before. You have to get to know the new you :) I think Society puts SUCH a huge pressure on Mothers these days to be the "Hot, hip Mom". I have embraced and actually ENJOY wearing my yoga pants at the Mall rather than heels and a cute outfit. I find I enjoy the times I do dress up more exciting now that my life is happily consumed with children, cooking dinner and wathing TV in bed with my boys. I actually saw a Mother recently in the Natick Mall playplace all dolled up and thought she looked ridiculous looking like she's ready for a dance party pushing around 3 kids, not to judge those who do dress up to go to places like the Grocery store. But feeling comfortable with who I am is something that I really love and I feel like I have "found my groove" ....and you will too <3

  9. BTW, Your new banner is so cute! Perfect!

  10. Oh my goodness, yes! I have been running these same thoughts over and over for the past two months straight. I love having a baby but it will be so nice when he can entertain himself. Wow, by the time that gets here who knows what I'll look like. Ack!

  11. I don't think it has anything to do with being lazy honey, it's just so freaking hard to balance everything out...making time for yourself and your needs. It does get a little easier over time, but I'm still walking around with roots that are two weeks know.

    And you are still cute. :)

  12. I feel exactly the same as you most times now, and I am not even a mom. I'm getting too 'big' for my heart, when I know that age really doesn't matter and I'm letting mind and 'responsibility' rule my freedom to become a non existent house wise with no husband. It's amazing what we become, but I think it's all part of the journey because we are always different at different phases in our lifes, and its how we let ourselfs live in those moments that count.
    I think it's about lightening up and living, and letting go of the strict regime we habit ourselfs into, and experience each new moment with an open heart, regardless of what we tie ourselfs to. At the end of the day what counts is if you are happy. Every experience is a choice. Happy week. :)

  13. HA, no! You are definitely not the only one, no way!

    Being a mother is a balancing act, and a constant negotiation between who we were, who we are, and who we want to be!
    I agree with your other readers, its all about reinvention...

    One of the things that forced me into putting on clothes AT ALL, was going back to work, and for that much I am thankful.

    On that note, I have recently started a project ~ 20 weeks, 20 pounds and 20 outfits in the hopes of my own reinvention. We'll see how it goes!

    Here's to hoping that your new self and your old self find each other... good success! :) (And yes, you are still super cute!)