Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 7 Months Hendrix!

DSC01607 copy

My goodness time has flown. You are so lively, so full of energy, and so expressive. I am so very proud of you and all your little accomplishments.


You bang things together when promoted, you can crawl a bit, and you can babble all kinds of little noises. Dadadadadadada you say so very loud. and then in a tiny little whisper.


You can blow raspberries. Drink out of a sippy cup. Chomp on watermelon. You have favorite toys. A little plastic letter, a bubbling crab named Crablos, and some wooden blocks.


You sleep cuddled up with Mama and Daddy . your brother is the most interesting person in the house. You let out loud, hefty giggles at the dog and chase the kitty around the floor.

Our Little Man.


  1. Happy birthday Hendrix! What a cutie, I love those big blue eyes!

  2. Oh my word! Love the blocks - I'll be stealing that idea soon - if you don't mind, of course. ;)

    ...and those baby blues - gorgeous! Great pics, Mama!

  3. Hendrix!!! What an AWESOME name and hello... he's GORGEOUS! New to you Superchick! Fab blog!

  4. The most gorgeous blue eyes n lashes! Lap it up....time flies!

  5. What a truly inspiring little character Hendrix is. :)
    Thank you for sharing Hendrix with the world, and many happy moments in existence for him to come. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Appreciate it.
    Have a blessed week.

  6. He is so beautiful!!! Happy 7 months!!! Love his name too! Thanks for stopping by my place! See you over at SITS!

  7. our babies are close in age. my son turned 7 months on the 7th of this month. anyway, hendrix is seriously a busy kid! he's doing lots of stuff!

  8. Those eyes - my goodness!!

    I saw that first picture, which was so well done with the blocks, BTW, and thought it looked like New England. Then I saw your mention of Boston. We lived in Nashua, NH for a year and a half.

    Thanks for the visit and comment love!

  9. what a beautiful baby!! Those eyes are gorgeous!!

    thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment. I am almost there. I'm getting a nervous, ha. Glad you like his name too.


  10. WHAT! It seems like a week ago he was 6 months! I guess I'm kind of glad to know that everybody else's children are growing as fast as mine. Perhaps I'm not losing my mind after all.

    Happy 7 months to Hendrix!

  11. I LOVE, LOVE his name!!! What a beautiful little boy! Happy 7months lil dude

  12. Isn't it so great being a mom?

  13. Loving the new layout! Those eyes, that hair...Hendrix you handsome lil devil!