Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playlist Song #9

One of the most beautiful songs of all time. I listen to Jeff Buckley at least once a week. I'll never forget being totally engulfed in a contraction and listening to his deep, musky voice to get me through. Truly powerful, this one is.


  1. YES! Love this song- it's even better than the Leonard Cohen original- and when does that ever happen??

    I remember I totally cried when he died- he was like my Kurt Cobain. But, to be fair- I was in 7th grade when it happened, so....

  2. Um, yea, I'm definitely going to 'follow' a Mama who listened to the same song as I did as a means to make it through a nasty contraction.

    It's a beautiful song and most definitely helped me through many contractions...just recently. ;)

  3. Oh, I love this song! My labor turned into an emergency... never got to do the labor. Lots of pain though! :) Your birth story has inspired me to write a better version of mine. I did a really fast post to get it out of the way. To get over what happened. I'll have to work on that. Love your blog too!


  4. This song is one of my favorites too. what a lovely choice to bring your babe into the world with!