Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You are so very Welcome...


As a little girl I diapered and walked and tucked in little dolls. I dressed them for school, for church, for good news. I pushed them in plastic grocery carts filled with empty cartons of cheerios and faux fruit. I sang them lullibies and read them books. I had very real anxiety about leaving them at home while I climbed in my car seat to head to day care.

So much preparation in the pretend.


I was always a bit of a mother. It was there, deep down, waiting to be put to good use. With the birth of my son it rose to the surface and Sunday was the day to show off it's arrival. Its debut! Hello World! I am a Mama, real live Mother! One who receives cards and kisses boo boos and nurtures and protects like a fierce lion. This is who I am now.


Celebrating my motherhood and not just surviving the emotional roller coaster that is parenting but going beyond that and truly thriving is certainly something to be rejoiced. I'd love to shout it from the roof tops. Write it across the sky in billowy smoke. I'm doing it. It's here. I am a mother. I'm not just playing pretend.

It's hard to pin point what it is exactly we are celebrating.

Tucking hair behind tiny ears. Little fingers reaching for my skin in the dark. Cool hands on warm foreheads. Providing a lap for a pillow and the skirt of my dress as a blanket. How do you definie the word "Mother".

When our babies say thank you, what is it they are thanking us for? Those little moments that can not be put into words? The emotions we can not help but feel? The primal instinct to keep good care of them no matter what the cost to ourselves? Intuitions and instincts and animalistic urges to provide?

Well my dear, you are so very welcome.


  1. Beautiful. I always look forward to reading your posts. You seem to know just how to word it all.

  2. So pretty! Love your pictures and blog. I'm your new follower.

  3. adorable pictures :0

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. love love love the last photo.

    So lovely, so precious-so delicate. you both are just gorgeous!

    His little belly button is sooooo sweet. I used to call conrad's his cinnemon roll.

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment :) Just checked out your awesome blog, beautiful family!
    Your new lil man, is adorable!