Monday, May 31, 2010

Why I am a Sucky Mom

bad mom


today started out like a regular day. Hendrix was awoken early this morning because he had peed through his diaper and all over the bed. Ugh. So we all got up, Michael practically ran out the door to help his brother move, and H and I busted out the bubbles for a nice soak in the tub. I sipped my iced coffee and Hendrix clutched his lil Rubber Ducky, splashing and babbling away happily.

Afterward we sat on the porch and ate our breakfast. Peaches for Smoosh and a Bagel for me. We listened to the birds and H giggled at the kitty. It was quiet and the light was so nice.

Hendrix started rubbing his eyes and fussin a bit so I put him down for his nap around 9:30. I spent my time finishing my coffee, catching up on blogs, and cleaning up a bit. I had to run out to our shed real quick so I grabbed the monitor and quickly went out in the yard.

uh huh.

Then I come back up the deck stairs and I grab the door knob and



Barefoot.No Phone.
Baby asleep in his crib.

This would be where the panic set in.

I started running to every door and window I could reach and everything is locked. So I run some more to the lil old ladys house next door. I pound up the steps and search for a doorbell.
She doesn't have one.
errrrrr okay so I start smacking the door with my hands. I punch the door. I kick it even but no one is home.

So I run across the street.

the whole time repeating my mantra.

it went something like this....


I figure at this point I'm already sucking at being a mom so I might as well add "potty mouth" to the list of my horrible motherly attributes.

I ring the doorbell. I bang. I yell. I swear.

No one is home.

So to the other next door neighbors I go.

I ring. and ring. and ring the doorbell.

Noone is coming. The monitor is freaking out because I am too far away. The dog inside the house is barking like a maniac. and I break down. I cry. I sob. I sob so hard I can't breathe. All the while ringing the doorbell and simultaneously banging with all my might. There are no cars in their driveway so I am about to turn away when...

a little kid...say 10 years old? his tighty whiteys answers the door.

and here I am. Hair hanging out of its pony tail. Mascara running down my face. Barefoot. Sweat slicked across my brow.
and I managed to suck in a breathe and let out...

"I need to use your phone because my baby is in the house! I have no key and I need help so I need a phone"

(there were more fucks and some sobbing and what not..but I'm paraphrasing here so try to keep up, eh?)

then I run by him, grab his phone, call 911, and run back out yelling "Thanks dude" all while he stands there half naked with his jaw hitting the floor.

Then I run back to the house and the monitor gets back to normal and I can hear Hendrix stirring in his crib.

So I stand there. In the middle of my driveway. and I sob some more. I try to catch my breathe.

annnnd then the firetruck comes bombing down the street and I'm standing there in my little red sundress lookin like a 12 year old crying over spilled milk.

The fire dudes hop off and one says too me

"you're looking kindof embarrassed"

ugh. yea.
They try to make me feel better

"Don't worry, people do this all the time"
"My girlfriend locked my dog in the car"

They find an unlocked window in Smoosh's bedroom and they hoist one fire dude onto the other and he rips the screen off and I hear Smoosh yell from his crib.

I finally get in and Hendrix is starring up at me like "Who the heck was that guy and where have you been lady"

all in all the entire situation beginning to end lasted about 7 minutes. It was quick and really didnt negatively effect H at all but I cant stop beating myself up about it.

yea. So that was my day.

Feel free to leave comments full of judgment and angry words. I think I may deserve it.

I wanna say a big ups to the all the authors of the 400 and counting comments and emails (and YES I read every single one) on here, BabyCenter, and Cafemom that have writen in their 2 cents on the situation. All but ONE have been supportive and so sweet. Plus, I have heard countless stories similar to my own so I'm feelin a lot better about the situation!
Love you all my Beautiful Readers!


  1. *hugs*

    You are a wonderful mama

  2. you're the worst mother ever! just kidding. although, i did a feeling of panic when i read this. i felt like i was there or something dude! the worst part was probably reading that some crazy stranger comes in through hendrix's window. how freaky would that be?

  3. So scary. :-( That's why I LOVE our doorknobs. No locks, just a deadbolt. You CAN'T lock yourself out!!

  4. it happens to the best of us mama it will most likely happen again so go get spare key made and hide it somewhere k

  5. No way, Mama! Just by the fact that you panicked (when some mothers wouldn't) and called 911 (when some mothers would just wait until Daddy could get off work or something) pretty much makes you one of the best Mothers around. Hendrix is lucky to have you!

  6. I once locked Aidyn in the car... in the middle of winter. Very similar scene. I forgot my car had automatic locks, so when I when I ran back inside (thinking I was a good mom, for keeping him in a warm car instead of the negative degree weather!) they locked.

    I cried and cried and cried. I called 911, and they sent a cop to unlock my car.. and the entire time I sat with my face pressed up to the window as Aidyn screamed.. and I cried and cried. it was terrible!

    Thank God they are both too young to remember this!

    I think these are the moments we'll both laugh at over Thanksgiving dinner in 18 years! How fabulous will that be?

  7. You are such an amazing writer, you are so articulate and detailed. I feel like I was right there with you the whole time...I could even hear the "panic" music playing in the back ground as you ran from house to house. Check out my blog if you get a chance.

  8. oh you poor thing, that must've been so scary! you're not a bad mother, the fact that you are so worried about this proves that. everyone has bad mother moments i think. mine was last week when i wanted to sleep for just 5 more minutes and didn't get up straight away when milo woke up. 2 minutes later i hear a thud and a scream and realise he rolled out of our bed while i lay there trying to sleep. worst. mum. everrrr
    luckily he was fine and landed flat on his back - no bumps or scratches or anything and he was laughing a minute later. but still i was so upset and felt guilty (still do feel quite guilty) about it for the rest of the day.

  9. LOL
    Good stuff. I hate days like that.
    But gladly I say you don't get the worst Mamam Award.
    You done good Mama.

    Hugs to you :o)

  10. LMAO! I would of been the same exact way, you are a good mama don't worry about what others think! You did the right thing and hey SHIT HAPPENS! at least little H is all good and very healthy :)

  11. I am so scared of doing that myself. We have a really weird back door, and if you slam it or shut it too hard sometimes it'll lock itself. I've locked myself out a few times, but thankfully not since the baby was born. Seriously though, I'm gonna go put a key in a lockbox outside somewhere, because it's bound to happen eventually.

  12. all moms lock their kid inside. or lock the kid in the car. or forget to pick them up at the bus stop. or similarly awful things. It is 100% ok and you are still and ever a fabulous mama.

  13. lol. i really do like your writing. i felt like i was there. i could picture it all. this reminds me of a friend of mine, actually the family i used to nanny for. they moved to the mainland but were back for a visit. they stayed in the same cul de sac they lived in and were really familiar with the houses and neighbors so she put the 2 girls (ages about2 and 4) in the tub and turned the water on. she ran down to the garage to get something and got locked out. she didnt have a spare key so she was running around the cul de sac screaming for neighbors to help her. they ended up smashing in a huge glass window in the backyard. the kids were totally fine, the older girl had turned off the tub and they were splashing away. so yes, this kind of thing happens to everyone :]
    ps sorry for the freaking novel, haha.

  14. When Sebastian was about 18 months old I was at the Walgreens in Medway. I had finished my shopping and strapped him into his car seat while he played with my keys. I then shut the door, realizing he was still holding my keys I go to open the door... and BAM... he presses the LOCK button. FYI it was 92 degrees that day and my windows were UP. All that ran through my head was the stories of parents who leave their kids in hot cars and they die. SO I ran FRANTICALLY into Walgreens, crying, screaming, they call the police. Sebastian sees all the policemen and he is SCREAMING and dripping in sweat. They then told me they would break my window in 7 minutes if they couldn't get it open so he wouldn't pass out (GREAT! THANKS!) Thankfully, they got it open and I arrived at the Birthday party I was attending in tears. MOM of the year! hahaha bottom line is... It happens to the best of us! ;)

  15. I locked the little boy I nannied for in the car with the keys in the car. I had my son in my arms, outside of the car, so I felt like a super big jerk on top of everything because it wasn't even MY kid... it was someone ELSE'S! I ended up having to call the mom and she called the police and they unlocked the car... I have been super paranoid about knowing where the keys are since. Also... I locked myself and my son out of the house without a single thing for us when he was a newborn and had to make my husband leave work to unlock the door. It happens to everyone.

  16. My heart goes out to you, it really does. I would completely freak out and I'm sorry you had to go through that. But I really enjoyed your story and the way you wrote it. It made me laugh out loud. Several times. Especially when I shared bits with my husband. He laughed too. It's been a rough night, so I thank you for easing it with a bit of humor :)

  17. Hey,
    I just wanted to let you know, one day in the middle of the winter, when I was at MIL's, I went out and started the car. Then put LO in it. I shut his door, and went to open my door, and BOOM! It was locked. I much like you, started sobbing. Ran up to MIL's door, and had to get the neighbor to jimmy the door open. Good think the heat was going in the car and LO was sleeping. I still cried the WHOLE time! It happens all the time! You're NOT a bad mom! At least you reacted quickly! xox

  18. I totally freak every time I leave my baby in the house and play in my mind what I would do if this happened! I can't believe it happened to you! You are an awesome mom. You did the right thing and your baby was unfased. How scary for you!

  19. Hi, I'm not anonymous, just don't have a profile here! All I can say is that god that would be scary and at least he is okay! Also, just wait till he can reach the door locks . . . My son actually locked (and I mean DEAD-BOLTED) me in the garage!

    I pounded on the door and yelled at my son to unlock the door, but he didn't respond (he's 3 and, of course, there was no key for that door in the garage). I was wondering if I could kick out the bottom of the garage door (I'd already tried to kick the door in) or see if I could still climb up to and fit through the window (I'm pregnant) when my son finally unlocked the door.

    The entire time this was happening a similar mantra to yours was playing through my head as played through your head and I was chastising myself for ever overly encouraging him to lock the doors (wow honey, I can't believe you are so clever! . . . um yeah).

    So anyway, I learned to keep a couple of keys hidden in places (although for a while I wondered if I shouldn't just keep one on a chain around my neck)! Oddly, even though he knew how scared I was at the time, he occasionally pretends to be stuck in rooms and things (O.o)? Anyway, I'm glad your kiddo is okay says another sucky mom!

  20. I know this post is really old... but I once locked myself out on the patio of my apartment and had to take the window out of the sliding glass door to get back in and then re-assemble it... talk about embarrassing.