Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th of July at The Liberty Hotel

The fourth this year was celebrated not on beaches and lake shores (like our previous years) but on the concrete in the city.


We checked into The Liberty Hotel for their BBQ which my hubby was DJing. How appropriate is it that we were celebrating our country's independence at The Liberty Hotel?


We noshed on delicious food, listened to great music, and enjoyed the warm weather.



Can you see Hendrix napping in the background? Noise sensitive he is not...

and speaking of Independence.... all of a sudden my little man, the one who has been so wholly dependent upon me...well, he is just bursting with his own lil freedoms. Everyday a tiny independence day.



He is crawling, and standing, and creeping along. and I'm calling it...by the end of this month I think he'll be walking.


When we became pregnant with Hendrix it seemed like odd timing. My stepson was just getting to the point where he could do almost everything on his own. Pour his own drinks, tie his own shoes, comb his own hair.

and then to bring in a little being who would completely and totally need every second of our attention seemed so overwhelming.


But here we are, our sweet baby bean is learning to move and go!go!go! and every second of every waking moment he is working on finding ways to no longer need us.

He is full of discovery and curiosity.


and never was it more apparent than during our stay. A new place full of magical and wondrous things for him to learn. Mirrors to kiss. Corners to investigate. Doors to open.

He just would not, could not sit still.


So after a hectic afternoon of BBQ'n and jammin out with our Papa, while Michael and C got in some quality time together, the babe and I? Well, we turned the lights down low...


and filled up the tub. Bubbles and cool water in a calm room on top of a busy city.




Which flowed so perfectly into nap time. Okay, let me be more specific. Baby napped. Mama lounged in a luxurious bath robe with her feet up. Iced tea in one hand, fashion mag in the other.


To close out our evening we had a late dinner of tuna tartare, watermelon cucumber soup, and haddock hit the spot.


Some family time filled with giggles and tickles...


and a quick trip to one of our favorite playgrounds in historic Beacon Hill...

We were supposed to top this picture perfect day off with the fireworks on the Esplanade but C requested we watch them from the hotel.
Milk and cookies were ordered, pajamas were slipped into...


and fireworks were watched from our bed.

I don't really know how to put into words what happened in our hotel room that night. Christian climbed into his bed, the lights were so perfectly low, and our baby snoozed in between us. The crackle and pop, the bright colors in the sky, it all just fell into place.
It just felt so right.
There is no where I would have rather been. I'll never forget the feeling of the crisp sheets. Hendrix's soft skin. My hair brushing my shoulders.
It's nights like that where I'm just so happy be to be alive.

and the following morning the sun came up with all kinds of fierceness. The temperatures rose and we decided to cool off at the Tadpole Playground




We grabbed some lemonade (one regular, one watermelon) to go...


and headed back to the burbs...

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. What a specal fourth of July it seems you all had.

  2. I'm serious this look like one of the best fourth weekends EVER! The way you described watching the fireworks sounded like perfection!

  3. The pictures are amazing. Sounded like a nice night in a hotel room. I remember when Amaya started crawling, standing and all the fun things she did in between walking. I wish Amaya would sit still for fireworks but she has been afraid of them since her first 4th.

  4. Awesome photos girlfriend! I especially love the ones of Hendrix in the bathroom after the bath. Sounds like one of those perfect days that end with a perfect night :)

  5. Your pictures are awesome! Those blue eyes...WOW! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower!

  6. I love your blog. And your baby. Gosh, he's cute. <3

  7. Those eyes are to die for!! Way cute hubby too!! Glad you had a nice 4th! Great blog.

  8. your 4th sounds totally and completely fab! hooray for perfect meant-to-be moments! and your pictures? wow! are they ever divine! well done! :)