Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary.

Tell me something you love about me...

Where has the time gone? It just flew by...

I was going to write up some big sappy post declaring my love for my husband but I'm going to pass on that.Honestly? I have always kind of kept "us" a quiet thing. I don't really talk about my love life all that much. I never have. Not since we first met.


Mostly because I like that it is just for us. Our love is like our little secret and it's kind of fun that way.


and while you'll never hear me call marriage an easy thing, it is really awesome.


and not just awesome like "omg, totally awesome". I mean its AWEsome. The true meaning of the word.


That in this crazy, big world we somehow found each other and decided to make a life together. and then after we did that we made a LIFE together.

It feels like I blinked and BAM we are older, hopefully wiser, and now parents together.

I'm excited to see what the future holds...

I am also embarrassed to say that we did nothing to celebrate yet. YET. We will sneak away for some adult fun. This is the first year we didnt make a huge deal out of our anniversary and that needs to be rectified.

I love you.


  1. :) Even if its not "mushy" its still a beautiful post! I am really in love with your pictures. You are such a gorgeous couple! ;)

  2. fabulous photos! Congratulations.

  3. that's very sweet, i've known you for years and you're truly a beautiful person with an amazing family.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! You are such a cute couple!! Gorgeous dress BTW!!

  5. Awe that is beautiful. True love is hard to come by and when you find it you have to grab it with two hands and never let it go! I am lucky like you and have a AWEsome marrage too. I hope you do something nice to celebrate the day. My husband and I don't do big things but we do try to do something little to celebrate the day. I know what you mean about blinking too, hubby and I have been together this Nov 29 for 13years and on the same day we have been married for 7 years! 3 kids later I think we are doing pretty good.
    Much love and happiness to you and your family x

  6. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I love your post. And happy anniversary by the way!

  7. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos!