Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get To Know Me...Q&A Part 2


Hi y'all. Ready for the second installment of Get To Know Me?
No...oh well, too bad!

1. What are your top 3 Most Played songs on your iPod or whatever music player you use?
1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "40 Day Dream"

2. Azure Ray "Sleep"

3. Bone Iver "Blood Bank"

2. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and what are they?
I have two but want about a bajillion more. Honestly, I just haven't had the money to sink into tattoos. It is such a splurge and I tend to be really frugal. I always see young parents covered in  tattoos but they claim they are broke and can't afford groceries. That always boggles me. So there has been lots of guilt on my part as far as spending the money on myself. I will be getting on for Hendrix soon. I have the word strength over a scar on my back because I broke it when I was 16 and my brother's name on my neck. One of my goals this year is to get a couple more. 

3. What is your absolute-all-time-favorite picture of Hendrix? 
 Easy. THIS ONE.

4. Do you get along with your step sons mom?
Yes.Never in a million years would I allow C to feel any tension between his mother and I (not that there is any...I'm saying if there was). My love for C is too wide and long to allow that to happen. Even if she hated my guts (which she doesn't)  I would never return those feelings. For his sake it will always be a respectful and cordial relationship.

5. Fav piece of clothing owned?
Where do I even start? I own a LOT of vintage that I adore. I have a soft spot for a pair of Yves St Laurent 1950's champagne slingbacks with a satin bow on the toe. Heaven.

6. How has motherhood changed you?
Wow. I'm not sure I have enough words to explain how it has changed me. It is so deep and to the core of me. I was reborn. The respect and admiration I now have for my own body is mind blowing. Priorities shifted and my heart doubled tripled has blown up so big it barely fits in my chest any longer. I'll never be the same.
Thank goodness.


  1. i can't wait to get more tattoos either! (once i have the bird of course) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you in the outfit with the white dress and hair accessory! you're a beauty.

  2. aww thank you. i wish they showed my feet cause i wore the best pair of gladiator wedges with and my bag. its a lil vintage clutch with seashells printed all over it.

  3. Can you post more pics of your haircut in the b&w photo? It's adorable and I've been wanting something similar for so long but can't find any good pictures to show my hairdresser! :)

  4. ever think the parent probably got the tattoos before they had kids?

  5. I'll try to find was a very short lived hair cut. My husband actually did it on a very hot day. I went into th bathroom started hacking and he finished it and did a great My inspiration was Uma Thurman in pulp fiction and blondie. Ill poke around on my comp for more pics of it and if i find some ill post them here.


    i was speaking about parents i KNOW who got tattoos while being "broke" yet having the money for them and lil ones to care didnt apply to everyone. like i said im very frugal. relax.

    is it me or are people on the interwebs testy lately?

  6. gotcha. i have a buttload of tattoos that i got pre-kid and maybe it touched a nerve, ;)
    enjoying your blog.

  7. no no i just meant a couple people in particular who i who is on gov assistant...but STILL buys tattoos. that makes no sense to me. fuck if you have the $, kids or not, go for it.

  8. Adorable white dress!

    I also have two tattoos but want more. I feel the same way, though. It's hard to justify when you have a little one and not a lot of extra cash.

  9. Those are adorable pics of you! :) I love that healthy family relationships are important to you! It's nice to see parents put the needs of thier children first!! Good job!