Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Tricks

...and just like that his babyhood slips through my fingers...



Life is moving so fast these days. Everything is flying by and I feel like I cant keep up. Try as I might to cling and grasp at the days, time just refuses to slow down.


I would love to save up a few hours of Henry's babyhood, stick it in my back pocket, and pull it out when he's teen, yelling at me behind closed bedroom doors, sneaking out windows, whispering to friends about the many colors of my overbearing parenting.


Instead I fold these moments up, tiny toes and fingers and all the yummy newborn goodness of days past, toothless grins, and first steps. I fold them, like origami cranes and stick them in lil drawers in my memory. I try to record the sights and smells, the soundtrack of our everyday life.

But how do you fold up a heart bursting with love and pride? I mean, how on earth can you save that for later?


My baby is now a walker. Yowza. It's even hard to type.


I cheer him on. Even though every time he musters up the courage to let go, arms stretched out, chubby ankles wobbling, it's a tiny heartbreak. Now that he is a walker he can easily walk away from me.

Lucky for me, he seems to have a love of walking right into my arms.


  1. He is so cute! That is awesome that he is walking now =] Time goes by way too fast.

  2. so cute! it is so amazing to see how fast these little boogers have changed! i cant believe how fast its gone! hendrix is such a cutie...I am loving the long hair!

  3. Adorable shots! And beautifully written. I know what you mean about the heartbreak mixed with pride. Such an overwhelming feeling. Soon enough he'll be running into your arms.

  4. so sweet! i know it's bittersweet but i love the last sentence ;o)