Monday, June 13, 2011

A Serious Case of the Mondays

Today was just one of those days where nothing went right. I woke up this morning to an insanely messy house, a pile of laundry the size on Montana, and about a million unread emails. I was determined to conquer it all but a phone call and an unopened piece of mail later and I'm at the DMV for 5+ hours.Turns out I DIDNT even need to go. Everything ws already taken care of. ugh.


It never ends, does it?

Lucky for me, I have an understanding boss and a very patient baby. Hendrix was a dream the whole day. He never complained once. In fact, he usually does more complaining at home than he did stuck waiting for the 350 people in line ahead of me (yes, over 300!!!).

When we got home I decided to let Henry dictate the rest of the evening. He could do whatever he wanted.
On the list?
Bubbles (blowing, licking, eating, and high fiving)
Crawling around under the table
Throwing clean diapers all over the bedroom
Reading lots of books
Banging on the keys of Mama's laptop
Opening all the cabinets and then slamming them shut
Eating lots of crackers and Pocky (don't judge me)
Putting his feet in my hair (why does he enjoy this? Weirdo!)
Sitting in big people chairs at the dining room table straining to see over the edge.

The day wasn't a total bust  because I taught Hendrix how to karate kick bubbles (one of my finest parenting achievements so far) and in bed he gave me about thirty kisses and said my name while staring into my eyes over and over and over. Love. Now, I'm grabbing a beer and watching Game of Thrones.
Much deserved if you ask me.

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