Friday, September 16, 2011

Babie Bonkee Giveaway!

 Baby Bonkie Swaddler

When Hendrix was a newborn he would only sleep when he was swaddled. Which would have been fine if he hadn't been some kinda newborn ninja always wiggling out of his blankets. This always resulted in him waking and fussing and having to be re-wrapped (that's a word right? No...well, it is now). When sleep is as precious as it is in those Newborn days you don't want something like loose blankets being the source of your sleep deprivation. Save that for things you can't control like poop explosions, yaknowwhatimean?

I really wish I had known about Baby Bonkie when H was young. Baby Bonkie is a company creating high end, luxurious swaddles for your lil one. I would have bought a whole slew. They are the softest, coziest swaddlers I have ever felt and they come in really fun patterns.

I am really excited to be giving away two Baby Bonkees to two of my lucky readers! One for a BOY and one for  GIRL!  The Groovy Baby and The Tally Baby (seen above). Whooo! The Giveaway will be open for the next week until September 23rd!

Visit Baby Bonkie's website and then leave a comment telling me your favorite product of theirs.

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OH and P.S. THIS is my fav ; )

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  1. I love the babybonkie! this is so neat. I would love to try it. I have a little girl due in December and this would really come in handy I am sure.

  2. I like Just By Living on Facebook!

  3. I love reading your blog! As a new mom to be your stories inspire me. Swaddle blankets are the best, especially for those that aren't skilled at the art of swaddling. These Baby Bonkie blankets look very soft and fashionable. I adore the groovy print and the yellow bird print is pretty darn cute too!

  4. Love these swaddlers! I agree with your choice, too. The Ariel is perfect for my new little bird Zoe.

  5. I already like Just By Living on Facebook!

  6. I'd have to go with the sleep sack. My daughter was never a huge fan of being swaddled!

  7. oooooh boy! i have been drooling over this website since i found out i was pregnant!!

    1. totally in love with the lily baby swaddle blanket.

  8. 3. you know i already like your fb page!

    so fun!

  9. love the Bailey Baby Swaddle Blanket

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  10. Though my babe never liked being swaddled, I love the Elinor baby swaddler. Gorgeous for a wee girlie, though a lil guy wouldn't exactly complain either I don't think with the hot pink colors. -krshepherd on twitter

  11. I love the Eloise ecobonkie, so sweet :)


  12. the swaddlers look awesome!! But so do the sleep sacks!


  13. I have had your page under my likes for a while!! :) Im tweeting it now!! AND even though I dont have children..I have a 1 year old nephew and many friends that do and my fave thing is Emerson 100% Cotton Sleep Sack Baby Blanket..LOVE the pattern!