Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Letter For Hendrix.

My Dearest Hendrix,

Lately I have been feeling the need to express how you make me feel. I've tried and failed numerous times to place my thoughts on paper but its impossible for my fingers to keep up with my mind. The rush of words and the sheer enormity of the love I have for you makes it nearly impossible. Like throwing a pebble at a giant, I cannot seem to conquer this task.
I hope you forgive me as I fumble through this letter desperately trying to avoid cliches while hopelessly spilling my guts.

and so my love, you are the drive home late at night when it begins to snow. Steady, large chunks of white that comes straight at you. You are the moment when it all seems to slow down. Slow motion weather.

You are the moment when you look across the dance floor and everyone seems to dance in sync. Heavy Music. Heavy Breathing.

We are all one.

You are the loud pop of fireworks. Making small bodies jump. Warm,black night on my skin. Grass tickling my thighs. You are the feeling of teenage freedom and endless possibilities.

The world is our oyster.

You are a small child asleep in the backseat. Carried into bed by strong arms. Deep cologne and creaky stairs up to a peaceful slumber.

You are the baby hiccups within my womb lining up with my heartbeat. Both of us in perfect time. A perfect rhythm. Our own little song.

You are your fathers kiss on my forehead. His cool palm on my cheek. His kind voice and steady calm like waves rolling over the ocean.

You are mine.
You are ours.
You are true love.

Someday I will sit as an old woman, hopefully with your fathers hand in mine, maybe on a porch, in a rocker, with my feet up, sipping a cup of tea and I will look back on this time in my life as the happiest I had ever known.

This is that moment.

These are those days.

The ones you always wait for, dread the end of, and then desperately grasp at once they have gone.

I am acutely aware that this will not last forever. That you will grow and in turn grow away from me. You so wholly need me now. And I so wholly need you. And I always will.
Ill just do a good job at hiding it.

Love Always,
Your Mother.
in hiding,
and in plain sight,


  1. Thanks for sharing that, Adriana. It was a delight.

  2. everytime i read your blog i cry! u r a great writer